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Our company is primarily involved with the supply of ICG Products, industrial controls and control gear and associated products for the industrial and commercial markets and our experience as senior managers in large multi-national companies enables us to understand what quality, reliability and service is all about.

Our main product areas are: Contactors, Relays, MCB, RCD, RCBO, Motor Starters, DOL Starters, Star Delta Starters, 16mm and 22mm LEDs push buttons and Selector Switches, Isolators, Programmable Relays, Power Supplies and Timers. The main suppliers/manufacturers are ETE, ICG, Socomec, Crouzet, Idec, Meanwell, Relpol and Pilz.

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Power surges can cause serious problems if suitable types of circuit protection aren`t in place.  Domestic homes and commercial settings often have mcb circuit breakers  fitted that will trip out if a power surge is detected. Breakers will be fitted by experienced electricians and should they trip in the future they are extremely easy to re-set.  In fact, you will see straight away which one of the breakers has tripped and merely have to flip the switch back into its original position.  Supplied through control gear specialists a wide range of switchgear is available.  Companies can by their mcb circuit breakers  direct from the manufacturer and next day delivery is guaranteed.  Most manufacturers will provide comprehensive warranties with their equipment such is the faith that they have in the durability of the product.  In homes, factories, schools and all kinds of premises mcb circuit breakers  will be carefully monitoring the power supply.  If a surge is detected the breakers will trip out, cutting the supply of electricity to a particular area.  Without such safety measures serious harm could occur and people`s lives could be put at risk.  Modern breakers prevent such incidents from occurring and they perform perfectly in all types of settings.  

Looking for 3 or 4 pole contactors  and need a supplier of ICG equipment that you can trust?  Been let down in the past by suppliers and manufacturers who promise you the world yet fail to deliver on time and for the budget that you agreed in the first place? Need local representation and want to build up a good working relationship with your supplier of pole contactors  in the future?  It sounds like you need to speak to the team of ICG experts who strive to produce the best customer service levels possible.  They can provide you with 3-pole types of contactors that range from 25 to 1000 amps.  If you require 4-pole varieties including a coil these can be delivered to your site.  One thing you`ll notice straight away when you are dealing with this dedicated firm is their amazing technical knowledge.  This knowledge is backed up by exceptional service skills and a desire to provide quality products to their customer base. The search for a reliable and loyal supplier of pole contactors  will be over once you speak to the ICG experts.  In a short space of time you`ll establish a strong business relationship and come to rely on the services of the experienced industrial control team.

All types of machinery can be started or stopped by simply pressing a choice of Selector Switches .  The process can be made as easy as possible for operators with green switches indicating ‘go` and red switches signifying ‘stop`.   As machines are being constructed they can have the Selector Switches  fitted as part of their control gear.  Bought directly from the manufacturer the switches will prove to be relatively inexpensive and they`ll come with certain guarantees as standard.  Electric hoists and cranes could make full use out of control features such as these with the switches being used to raise or lower the lifting gear.  Reliability is the key factor for items such as these as they might have to go to work in harsh conditions.  Tried and tested versions of the Selector Switches  will perform tirelessly in all types of industrial settings.  Their manufacturers understand the kinds of settings this type of accessory might be used within and will ensure it will stand up to the pressure. Industries come to rely on a selection of machinery within their plants and many of these machines will have Selector Switches  fitted to them. A simple press of the one of the switches could start the machine or stop it once it has been running for a while.


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